Château Molay

In 1307, the Templars moved their Order to Eastern Europe.

In 1314, Jacques de Molay, twenty-third and last Master of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake in Lutetia (Paris).

When the knights learned that Jacques de Molay had been executed, they decided to honor his memory. One of its largest castles on the territory of modern Ukraine was named after Jacques de Molay – Château Molay. Nowadays, this name sounds like Zhitomir.

Zhitomir is one of the largest cities in Ukraine. The first written evidence about Zhitomir appeared during the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: in 1320 Lithuania captured Zhitomir, and in 1362 the city finally became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania together with the Kiev principality. In the 14th century a city called “Zhitomel” is mentioned in the “List of Russian Cities, Far and Near”. The name “Zhitomel” is close to the original name – Château Molay.

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