Eucharist of Muhammad

The Eucharist is the main ritual in Christianity. Muhammad is the main prophet in Islam. There seems to be a mistake in the title. But it only seems to be. In fact, Muhammad created Islam as one of the offshoots of Christianity.

Samo and Dervan were the sons of Gundowald, king of Aquitaine in 584-585. Gundowald was the unrecognized son of the Soissons monarch Clothar I and belonged to the Merovingian dynasty.


The Merovingians were descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

Jesus, Cernunnos and the Horned God

Samo and Dervan were Frankish merchants and traveled the world. Their relatives from the Merovingian dynasty deprived their father of the legal inheritance. They decided to take their share in other countries.

Conversion of Muhammad to Christianity

Abul-Qasim, the future prophet Muhammad, was also a merchant. Samo and Dervan met Abul-Qasim when their trade routes crossed. Gundovald’s sons had a decisive influence on Abul-Qasim. This meeting completely changed his life. Samo and Dervan converted Abul-Qasim to Christianity. They organized the first Eucharist for Muhammad, for which they used amanita and wine. Dervan herself knew that Jesus Christ used not bread and wine for the sacrament of the Eucharist, but fly agaric and wine. The Merovingians have passed this information from generation to generation.

New Eucharist

Samo and Dervan, gave a new name to Abul-Kasim – Muhammad, which means “fly agaric” (мухомор / muhomor – in Slavic languages). Popular Arabic names such as Muhammad and Muammar are variants of the word “muhomor”.

Samo and Dervan delivered dried fly agarics for Muhammad. They taught him how to eat fly agarics properly. Amanita muscaria specifically affect consciousness, the entire organism, and the psyche. Amanita muscaria develops speech that stimulates mental development. Amanita muscaria provided inspiration for Muhammad.

The name “Amanita muscaria” in English sounds like “Fly agaric”, i.e. “Flying mushroom”. This does not mean that “Amanita muscaria” really flies. This means that a person who has eaten this mushroom has a feeling of flight. This explains Isra and Miraj, the night journey of the Prophet Muhammad to Jerusalem and his ascension to heaven, which took place around 619.

The judgment of God

The papacy, together with the Carolingian majordomo of France, destroyed the Merovingian dynasty, since they derived their lineage from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. The popes saw the Merovingians as competitors in the struggle for power over the world. The Merovingians had their own vision of the history of the world, the Church and their role in the present and future. An important part of their worldview was the future judgment of God over the world. Samo and Dervan founded royal dynasties among the Western Slavs, Balts and other peoples. These dynasties were offshoots from the Merovingians. The early representatives of these dynasties inherited their worldview from the Merovingians, their ideas about the terrible judgment of God, which in the future will punish the world. In those days, these monarchs often received names that mean “conquer the world”, “punish the world”, “make the world drink the cups of God’s wrath”, etc. These are the motives of the last book of the Bible, Revelation. In the Orthodox Church, this book is not read at all during services. The judgment of God over the world is also the main theme of the sermons of the Prophet Muhammad. The Merovingians (sons of Gundowald) passed on to Muhammad an important part of their worldview.


The Merovingians made Abul-Qasim the prophet Muhammad. The original Islam, during the life of the prophet, his children and grandchildren, was an offshoot of the Christian church. The word “Islam” means “obedience to Jesus Christ.” Of these three words, only the meaning of “obedience” has come down to our time. But literally the word “Islam” means “Jesus the Lion”:




For example, the name of a city in Ukraine Lvov means Leo / Lion. In German, Lvov is Lemberg, where lem is a lion.

Abul-Qasim Muhammad created Islam, the world religion, and by this he changed the whole world. After some time, some of the followers of Muhammad made changes to Islam, and by this they made Islam a separate religion. The original Islam was an offshoot of Christianity.

Afghanistan is the new Muhammad

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