Scandinavian monarchs are descendants of the Merovingians

The Ynglings are a dynasty of Scandinavian monarchs, to which the first historical rulers of Sweden and Norway belonged. In the Yngling Saga, they are named descendants of Van Freyr and their detailed pedigrees are recorded. They are also mentioned in Beowulf. The first Ynglings are considered semi-legendary. In later historical sources, it is recorded that the kings of the Yngling house ruled in Sweden (first half of the 9th century – 1060) and Norway (first half of the 9th century – 1319). These kings are told in the Icelanders’ sagas, they settled in Iceland and became part of the local aristocracy. The kings Halfdan the Black and his son Harald the Fair-haired became the founders of the Horfager family, the ruling dynasty of Norway, as well as Denmark and Iceland.

The names of Ynglings in the Scandinavian sagas are somewhat different from the names of French monarchs recorded in historical documents. This is due to the fact that sagas were passed down orally from ancestors to descendants for a long time, and only after a long time were they written down.





Chlodion Odion Odin

Njord, Freyr‘s biological father

Freyr (Yngvi) – came from the Van tribe, taken hostage by the Ases, the adopted son of Odin.

Mérovée / Merowig / Mérovech

Merowig → Mreyg → Vreyg → Freyr

Ases – probably Romans

The sagas indicate that Odin adopted Frey. This can be interpreted as follows. Chlodion adopted Merovey. Then Merovei married Chlodion’s daughter. Merovei became Chlodion’s son-in-law.
Yngvi is a variant of the Scandinavian name Ingvar. The name Ingvar is probably a variation of the name Merovig.

Ingvar – Imgvar (sounds [m] – [n]) were often interchanged.

If, in the variant of the name Imgvar, the letters g – r are interchanged, then the name Merovig will turn out

Imgvar – Mgvar – Mrvag – Merovig.



Childeric → Childer → Filner → Fjölnir

Sveigdir / Sveigðir – traveled to the country of the Turks and Vanaheim, from where he brought his wife.

Chlodwig / Clovis

Lithuanian monarchs pronounced the name Chlodwig as Svidrigailo. The variant of the name Svidrigailo is very close to the Scandinavian variant of Sveigdir.

Svidrigailo = Sveigdir



In this case, there was an approximately literal translation of the name.

Childebert – power over the world.

Vanlandi – power over the land, literally “lord, pan of the earth.”



The connection between the names Wiesbur and Clotar will be proved later.

Domaldi (Dómaldi) – killed by his subjects for crop failures and famine in the country.


Domaldi is the truncated name of Gundovald.

Gundovald → Dovald → Domaldi

The sagas indicate that he was killed by his subjects for crop failure and famine in the country. Historical records tell that Gundowald and his subjects were under siege. Gundovald’s inner circle betrayed him to the enemies who killed him.

Domar (Dómarr)


Dervan → Devanr → Domar

The first kings of the Ynglings are monarchs from the French Merovingian dynasty. The first dynasties of Norway and Sweden are an offshoot of the Merovingians, they are the descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. The Rurikovichi, the first royal dynasty of Russia, are also descendants of the Merovingians, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. The Ynglings and Rurikovichs have one ancestor – Gundovald, King of Aquitaine from the Merovingian dynasty.

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