Origin of the names Rus, Russia

“Regna” – this is how the ancient Franks called their kingdom in the Merovingian era.

The Merovingians are the first royal dynasty of France. They came from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Gundovald – king of the Frankish kingdom of Aquitaine in 584-585, the unrecognized son of Chlothar I. His two sons, Samo and Dervan, created new states on the lands of the Western Slavs. They brought the cult of Sventovit-Jesus to the Slavs.

Rügen is the island on which the main temple of Sventovit was located. The name Rügen comes from the word “regna”, as the ancient Franks called the kingdom. This means that the sons of Gundowald transferred the kingdom from France to the lands of the Slavs.

“Rike” is the word for “Kingdom” in Swedish and Norwegian, derived from the Frankish word “regna”. The descendants of Gundowald became monarchs among the Scandinavian peoples and soon there was a population explosion there. The Vikings spread to many countries, where they founded new states.

Russia, Rus is a large country in Eastern Europe and Asia. The names Rus, Russia comes from the Frankish word “regna”. The Rurikovichs, the first tsarist dynasty of Russia, arrived in Russia from the region of the island of Rügen – southern Scandinavia and gave their name to this country. They were descendants of Gundowald, descendants of the Merovingians.

Reich is the name of the state among the Germans. The Germans took the name “Reich” from the ancient Franks, it is a variation of the Frankish word “regna”, kingdom.

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