Features of geology and relief near Frankopol

Frankopol is located near the Sluch River, the largest tributary of the Goryn (Pripyat basin). At this point, Sluch turns into a snake and cuts high rocky granite shores with steep cliffs. Some rocks are about twenty-five meters high. The river valley has a canyon-like appearance, abundantly covered with vegetation on both banks. In some places there are rapids where the river has a mountainous character. At this point, the western side of the Ukrainian Crystalline Shield rises to its highest height.

Near Frankopol there is a geological reserve “Marininsko-Ustyanskie granites”. The reserve is located within the Bereznovsky and Koretsky districts of the Rivne region of Ukraine, near the villages of Marinin, Belchaki (Bereznovsky district), Ustya (Koretsky district), along the right and left banks of the Sluch river. Here the banks of the Sluch are the most rocky with huge granite boulders and numerous grottoes. Granites and other rocks of the crystalline shield in this area come to the surface. In the area of ​​the villages of Ustya and Belchaki, granite and other rocks are a complex system of folds that fan out and sink under younger rocks in the south-east and south-west. In this small area, geologists have discovered minerals rare for the region. The breeds date back to very ancient times.

Near the villages of Belchaki and Marinin, there are several radon sources that have arisen due to the close occurrence of the rocks of the crystalline shield. Since ancient times, these springs have been known for their healing properties. In some places, radon springs feed small streams that flow down gullies and ravines to Sluch. Near the village of Belchaki, on an area of ​​3 hectares, a hydrogeological natural monument “Bilchakivsky source” was created.

These lands are so beautiful that the locals call them the Nadsluchansky Switzerland or the Falcon Mountains.

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