In near future, Putin will restore the USSR

Ukraine has become a new Sodom. The Ukrainian government has purchased children’s books about same-sex love. This means that the Ukrainian government is officially engaged seduction of children . The Ukrainian official Sodom (Ukrainian government) has purchased 1240 copies of the book “Princess + Princess: Happily Ever After” about sodomite relations. The Ukrainian government has allocated 666 thousand hryvnia for this.

In the numbers 666 and 1240, which accompany this event, there are two Signs. The number 666 is the number of the beast of the Apocalypse. Now is the time of the Apocalypse.

The number 1240 is the year of the fall of Kiev, the Mongol-Tatars conquered Kiev. In 2021, the events of 1240 will be repeated, new Mongol-Tatars will conquer Kiev. Russia is the heir to the Golden Horde, it will conquer Kiev. The historical mission of Russia is to punish the world for great sins. Therefore, the United States should not interfere, this is a punishment from God.

This means that in the near future Putin will restore the USSR.

Опубліковано у Bible about Russia. Додати до закладок Постійне посилання.

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