Creation of Man

The Pleiades are the central constellation in the universe. The center of the Pleiades is the star Alcyone, here is the throne of God. Long ago, God left His throne and went into the “great void.” Thousands of years ago, there was a war in the Pleiades for the throne of God. Enlil and his allies lost this war and were forced to flee. They took refuge at the edge of the galaxy, on Earth. Their place of residence was Karadag in Crimea. There is also Karadag in Turkey, the highest mountain.

Kharsag in Sumerian texts is the Karadag Mountain in Crimea. The gods lived here.

Karadag is a mountain range in the Crimean Mountains, an ancient extinct volcano, the only ancient volcano that has survived in Eastern Europe. The highest peak is Mount Svyataya (Holy). The mountain is called “Holy” because the gods lived here.

Karadag means Black Mountain.

The names of the ridges and peaks are associated with the gods and ancestors of people.

Hoba-Tepe (Qoba Töpe) – Summit with caves. The word Qoba, which is now translated as the top, literally means Ham. Ham is the son of Noah, one of the patriarchs. In ancient Egypt he was called the god Geb.

Gyaur-Bakh gorge (Gâvur Bağ) – Garden of giants. In ancient languages, including the Bible, the word Gavr / Gibbor means giant.

Spring Gâvur Çeşme – Source of giants.

The Book of Enoch tells about the giants of the antediluvian world.

Karadag is an open-air source of minerals. More than a hundred minerals and their varieties have been found here, including semiprecious carnelian, chalcedony, agate, and jasper.

Enlil and his reptiles performed genetic experiments here and created humanity. To do this, they used their genetic reptilian material and the genetic material of their enemies, the Nordic aliens. Perhaps humans are advanced reptiles. Humanity was created twice. The first people were the Pre-Adamites. The alien base and the surrounding area were a cross between a science laboratory and a concentration camp. The Bible calls this base the “Garden of Eden” or Paradise.

Noah’s Flood flooded the lands under the Black Sea.

Dungeon in Tsarichina

There are dungeons along the entire Black Sea coast, which were guarded by special services during the USSR. Under the Black Sea – Caucasus Mountains region there is a certain large secret object. Ancient peoples created their places of worship at the outlets of this area. Part of this object is a tunnel near Tsarichin.

Bulgaria is a country next to the Black Sea. Not far from the village of Tsarichina, there is a hole in the ground filled with concrete. The Germans from Ahnenerbe carried out excavations here. In 1990, the Bulgarian military carried out excavations here, the operation was called “Light Ray”. The military attracted psychic Elizaveta Loginova to participate in the operation. The psychic said that a tunnel was found here, which goes underground in a spiral and rests against a stone slab covered with incomprehensible signs.

The psychic told the military that the slab is a door that must not be touched, here is the entrance to Hell. Below are some creatures sending telepathic messages of a threatening nature. The military asked the famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga about this object, and she replied:

“When you started excavations in Tsarichina, the aliens told me that the research should be stopped. Don’t dig, it’s not your time! There is the center of the Earth, there are crystals at a depth of 2000 km. One big like the sun. Do not touch him!

People will not reach it, but they will disturb the atmosphere. It is a large crystal that is dangerous and will remain there as long as the Earth exists. He controls her movement. Stop digging because otherwise the Earth will die. Hard days will come for your people. There will be many new, terrible diseases if you dig in Tsarichina.

There is hell in the hole, but it is not hell. There are people living there like you, but their origin is different. There is also a space device. He was sent by an extraterrestrial civilization. There are astronauts down there. Thousands of years ago, when your country did not exist, a civilization from another planet sent a spaceship with three astronauts to Earth. These were not people, but robots.

They were sent to investigate life on Earth, but they were damaged, and the spacecraft crashed in Tsarichina. With every meter you dig, more and more radiation will be emitted. Do not dig in the pit of Tsarichina, now is not your time!”

After these words, the Bulgarian military filled the hole with concrete. Until now, it is forbidden to dig there.

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