The prophecy of the last Qatar Guillaume Belibast about 2021 – 2022

“In seven centuries the laurel will bloom again. Good people will return to earth. And then good will triumph over evil”- the prophecy of the last Cathar Guillaume Belibast, uttered by him between September 1321 and November 1322, when he was burned at the stake.

The year 2021 is coming soon, 700 years from the prophecy. It will come true until November 2022.


In ancient Greece, laurel was considered a sacred plant of Apollo, the god of light, patron of the arts, leader of the muses, predictor of the future, god-healer, personification of male beauty.

Laurel is a symbol of triumph. The myth of Apollo and the nymph Daphne (ancient Greek Δάφνη, daphne – “laurel”) tells that Apollo was possessed by a passion for her and pursued her. Daphne prayed to avoid persecution and was turned into laurel. Apollo weaved a wreath from laurel branches, which became his indispensable attribute. The laurel was planted at the sanctuaries of Apollo.

The term “Laureate” means a person who has been awarded a national or international award for outstanding service, as well as the winner of competitions. Literally this term means “crowned with laurels.”

In antiquity, laurel was used in religious rituals; it has special properties.

In low light, laurel rarely blooms. In 2021 – 2022, the Messiah will appear in the United States, Divine light will illuminate the United States, and the laurel will bloom here.

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