The Impact of the Ark of the Covenant on People Nearby

In the dungeon of Frankopol is the Ark of the Covenant. This item has long been at the center of the religious cult of the ancient Jews. Many important events in the history of the ancient world are associated with it. During the existence of the religious cult of the ancient Jews, the Ark of the Covenant accumulated a huge amount of energy. He has a mystical connection with the spiritual world, affects people who are close to him, including their feelings, their spiritual state. The Ark of the Covenant can change space-time, reality, people, human society. An example is the story of Ivan Murashka and his sect “New Jerusalem”.

In the 1930s, Ivan Murashko created the New Jerusalem community in the Ukrainian Polesie. The community is also known as “Evangelical Christians – Holy Zionists”, as well as “Zionists-Murashkovites”.

Ivan Murashko was born in 1891 in the village of Rozmirky near Kosovo, Belarus. In 1905 he emigrated to America, and in 1925 he returned and became one of the most active preachers of Pentecostalism in Polesie. Ivan Murashko considered himself a prophet bearing the seal of God, “the prophet Elijah, the Angel of the Covenant and the Father of Zion.” Around him and his “spiritual wife” Olga Kirilchuk, “Mother of Zion and the Sacrifice of Christ”, a religious community was formed in 1932-34.

Olga Kirilchuk, was born in 1885. After her conversion to Pentecostalism, she separated from her Orthodox husband and walked through the villages, reciting revelations received from God. In 1931, Ivan Murashko met with the prophetess, and in August 1932 they entered into a “spiritual marriage.” They created a new “faith of Zion.”

The influence of the Ark of the Covenant was manifested in the revival of many norms of the Old Testament among the Murashkovites. In addition to Sunday, they also celebrated Saturday, observing the Old Testament precepts: they did not prepare food on the Sabbath day, did not heat the stove. They also did not eat pork or other “unclean” meat. A special butcher carried out the slaughter of livestock according to typical Jewish rites. Also, according to the Laws of Zion, Zionist men wear their beards. The Zionists had a chapel and an altar on which sacrifices were performed. They sacrificed for God by burning the fruits of the earth, the entrails of animals, as well as clothes and things.

In early 1936, the congregation moved from Kingdom preaching to Kingdom building. In one of the revelations, they were ordered to found and build the city of New Jerusalem, Zion, which is written about in the Apocalypse. Zion was to unite all the faithful and saved. It was in this New Jerusalem that the second coming of Christ was to take place. The community members were going to live here without private property, according to the principles of a commune. The prophet Elijah urged his followers to sell their home, household and all property and donate money to build Zion. The site for the construction of New Jerusalem was supposed to be the Zarechitsa farm near the village of Berezhnitsa, Sarnensky povet, where Olga Kirilchuk lived with her children.

Dozens of people responded to the call of Ivan Murashka, sold their property or part of it and gave him money. The closest associates, the “apostles” donated 18,000 and 12,000 zlotys, the “apostolic disciples” – 6,000 and 5,000 zlotys. Other members of the community donated amounts ranging from PLN 90 to PLN 3,000. Some community members sold only part of the property. Often, the sale of property was prevented by family members who did not belong to the community. Many Zionists were not going to move to live in Zion, they counted on coming here only for Saturday services.

In June 1936, the Zionists began to gather at the place where New Jerusalem must appear. The number of community members living here has reached five hundred people (100 families), according to others, 60-70 families. All followers of Ivan Murashko then were about 800 – 1000 people. Many, unable to bear the hardships and hardships, left Zion and returned home.

At the time, New Jerusalem consisted of several wooden buildings. In the house of the Kirilchuk family, Murashko himself, Olga Kirilchuk with children, the family of her son-in-law and two more Zionist families lived in four rooms. Several more families lived in a separate house. Also, several families lived on farms near the village of Kidry. Most of the Zionists, several hundred, lived in the Common House, a former count’s stable converted into a residential barrack. Two-story bunks were built along the walls, divided by fabric partitions into “rooms”. One family, that is, parents with their children, occupied one room with an area of several square meters on the first or second floor. We climbed up with the help of stepladders. There was also a cell in the barracks for bread and a large oven where it was baked. There was no heating. The Zionists ate together, at the same table, in the winter – in the barracks, in the summer – on the street. The Zionists ate little, and the food was almost exclusively lean. There was not enough milk, so it was given mainly only to infants, a glass a day. Life in New Jerusalem was difficult: inadequate food, great overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, stench, illness, increased mortality, especially among young children. In the barracks, children often suffocated and died.

Around the first half of 1936, Ivan Murashko bought part of the land near the Zarechitsa farm. In the end, he was able to buy much less land than he had planned. The Zionists were able to buy slightly more than 200 acres of land near the village of Nivetsk and three more farms near the village of Kidry. The Polish authorities forbade the Zionists to buy land and build anything on the already purchased land.

In December 1937, when it became clear that the Polish authorities would not allow New Jerusalem to buy land and build premises, that there would be no other housing but a barrack, Murashko ordered his followers to disperse home. The main body left Zion until April 1938. Only those who had nowhere to return remained. Ivan Murashko and Olga Kirilchuk, taking the remaining money from the Zion cashier, sailed to Argentina in August 1938.

It was difficult for the Zionists to return home. Until recently, they sold all or almost all of their property and proudly declared that they were going to build New Jerusalem. And now they were returning with nothing to the remnants of their household or even to an empty space.

At the time of the arrival of Soviet power (September 17, 1939), about 15 Zionist families remained on the Zarechitsa farm, who continued to live on the principles of unity. In June 1940, most of the leaders of the community were sentenced to 5-8 years in labor camps, and the community practically ceased to exist. Later, the remaining Zionists moved to live in the village of Dobroslav, Odessa region.

The incredible in the activities of the Zionists

The emergence of the Zionist community and the revival of Old Testament practices near the location of the Ark of the Covenant is explained by the influence of the Ark of the Covenant. For the last several hundred years, these lands were part of the Russian Empire, Poland, the USSR and Ukraine. There is a bad climate, these territories have always been backward, the standard of living was the lowest in comparison with other regions. Only a short time, when there was the USSR (1939 – 1991), industry developed here. In the days of the Russian Empire, it was considered a curse if the authorities sent the military to serve military service in Volhynia. Due to the humid climate and poor nutrition, people here often suffer from tuberculosis. In this poor area, the prediction of Ivan Murashko and Olga Kirilchuk about the construction of the Kingdom of God here was heard. This is due to the presence of the Ark of the Covenant here, its influence on people.

In 1932 – 1933 an important event took place – “the removal seals” from Olga Kirilchuk, which, according to Olga’s revelation, was to become an atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world. Murashko made deep cuts on her skin with a razor. The blood that flowed from the wounds he collected in bottles. Later the Murashkovites used this blood for washing the Zionist believers, treating the sick and for various ritual purposes, for example, it was poured into the Goryn river to consecrate the world.

In fact, Olga Kirilchuk became the personification of Ukraine, the red cow of the Apocalypse. It was in 1932-1933 that Ukraine was sacrificed, a grandiose artificially induced famine took place here, millions of people died here.

Rus is the red cow of the Apocalypse

Most likely, the lands that the Zionists managed to buy near the villages of Berezhnitsa and Kidry are related to the Ark of the Covenant. If you draw a straight line between Frankopol and Franopol, i.e. between the two cities of the Templars, then it will pass through the villages of Berezhnitsa and Kidry. There is a high probability that the two cities are connected by an underground tunnel. By building a basement or digging a well, they could find this tunnel and gain access to the Ark of the Covenant and the Templar treasures.

This means that Ivan Murashko’s order to go home was a mistake, a sin. When the Soviet power collapsed here in the summer of 1941, and the Germans mostly ignored these territories, the Zionists got the opportunity to finish building the premises without the permission of the authorities (the Germans were not the legal government here). The power of the USSR returned here only at the beginning of 1944. The Zionists had enough time to build premises, find a dungeon and become carriers of the Secret of the Ark of the Covenant and the Templar treasures. If they became carriers of the Mystery, their status in the eyes of God would grow. The Almighty would be interested so that the authorities of the USSR did not learn the secret. Therefore, God would have saved the Zionists from persecution by the authorities of the USSR.

The Ark of the Covenant and the Templar treasures are intended for the descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, which is described in the book of Revelation:

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
(Revelation 12: 5)

The Zionists could become the Priory of Zion. They could use the amount of values necessary for life. The Chosen One of God would address them, and they would give him the “keys” to the underground sanctuary. But they did not complete the work of God to the end and did not become the Priory of Zion.

By forbidding the Zionists to buy land and build on those already purchased, Poland declared war on God. Soon after, on September 1, 1939, the Second World War began with the destruction of Poland. So strong was God’s punishment for Poland for the war against Holy Zion. The difference in dates between December 1, 1937 and September 1, 1939 is 640 days or 21 months or 1 year and 9 months. God made it so that after such a short time Poland ceased to exist.

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