Mace of Bogdan Khmelnitsky

In the dungeons of Frankopol, along with the treasures of the Templars, the mace of Bogdan Khmelnitsky is also stored.

Local residents living near the Gubkov castle, say that somewhere in their area hidden mace Bohdan Khmelnitsky. She is guarded by the spirits of the dead Cossacks. The mace will go to those who deserve to raise it over Ukraine.

The mace was brought in the dungeon of Frankopol as follows. Cossacks of Bogdan Khmelnitsky stormed the Gubkov castle. The defenders of the castle escaped from the Cossacks through an underground passage that leads to the dungeon of Frankopol. The Kozaks pursued them, got into the dungeon of Frankopol and saw the huge treasures of the Templars there. They also saw there the original icon, which is now called Czestochowa.

When Bogdan Khmelnitsky was dying, he knew that Rus-Ukraine would soon lose statehood. He sent loyal Cossacks to lay his mace in the dungeon of Frankopol in front of the icon of Czestochowa. He transferred the statehood of Rus-Ukraine into the hands of the Mother of God. The Mother of God herself has been the guardian of the statehood of Rus-Ukraine all this time.

There is a prophecy in Revelation that the king of the Millennium will rule the world with the help of an iron rod. Mace is an iron rod.

And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
(Revelation 12:5)

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