Rare plants near Frankopol

Landscape painter, Irishman Dionisius McClair worked for many years in Polesie. In 1795, he found here a flower of Pontic azalea. For a long time it was considered unknown how this rare plant appeared there, since the closest place where it grows is the Caucasus Mountains. Now this secret has been revealed – the Templars brought this plant here, and it has taken root here.

Near Frankopol there are many rare herbs and flowers listed in the European Red Book, in particular meadow sage and mountain onions. In total there are 19 species of rare plants, several of which were generally considered extinct. Near Frankopol blooms 10 species of orchids, which grow mainly only in the tropics. Rare plants such as Jovibarba preissiana and Succisella inflexa also grow here.

The French company “Coty” in the XIX century, prepared in Polesie an extract from azalea flowers, which was called “Absolute”, for the production of perfumes of the highest quality. Legends about the azalea essential oil attributed miraculous power to it.

The Templars were the best sailors of their time, and knew very well geography. The best, from their point of view, plants, they from all over the world delivered to their new homeland, hiring merchants for this.

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