Gold of hetman Polubotok

In 1723, the Ukrainian hetman Pavel Polubotok left a large amount of gold deposited in one of the English banks. In November 1723, the Russian Tsar Peter I arrested the hetman Pavel Polubotka and placed him in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Before the arrest, Polubotok secretly deposited 200 thousand gold coins with an English bank, allegedly at 7.5%. It was probably the bank of the British East India Company. With this money, England carried out the colonization of India and other countries.

There is an assumption that in the testament Polubotok left 80% of gold for the state with a center in Kiev, and the rest to its successors.

In 1907, Professor Alexander Rubets published this information to the magazine “New Time”. In 1908, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire issued an investigation order to the Russian consulate in London.

In 1922, Ostap Polubotok, a direct descendant of one of the sons of a hetman who came from Brazil, turned to the embassy of the Ukrainian SSR in Vienna. He showed Ambassador Yuri Kotsyubinsky a photocopy of the contribution document of Polubotok and said that the original was kept in a safe place. Ostap Polubotok proposed to transfer the right to receive money to the government of the Ukrainian SSR. For the original document, he asked for one percent of the accumulated amount. However, an attempt to negotiate with the Bank of England did not succeed.

This gold was part of the Templars’ treasures. Hetman Polubotok took him to the dungeon of Frankopol.

England has no money to repay the debt and will soon declare bankruptcy. In fact, the Templars make England bankrupt. England has no money to repay the debt and will soon declare bankruptcy. In fact, the Templars make England bankrupt.

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