Guiva: Nazi search for traces of the Templars in Ukraine

At the mouth of the Guiva River near Zhitomir in ancient times there was a castle belonging to the Order of the Knights Templars. Here, even before World War II, the NKVD was looking for the treasures of the Templars. When the Germans arrived, they began to search for treasures. The top of the German Reich and Himmler himself did this:

“Top Secret. The only instance. Cipher 2N-10B. Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler. December 12, 1941 Zhytomyr.

Comrade Reichsfuhrer! I bring to your knowledge that it is currently not possible to identify the ruins of the Interfluve castle we are looking for as such. Presumably the castle until 1921 was located in the village of Denesi and belonged to a local landowner from the Tereshchenko family. However, his connection with the Interfluve castle we are looking for seems erroneous to me, since Mr. Tereshchenko was not included in any of the secret lodges of the Masons or esoteric groups known to us. As Obersturmführer Knauff from the Kiev group of the Ananerbe Institute informed me, the Valley of the Immortal Templar and Interfluve are supposedly the same object, which was located at the confluence of the Guiva and Gnilopyat rivers in the Teterev River near Zhitomir, not far from the location of the ancient pagan temple. The group I lead continues to search in this direction.

Hauptsturmfuhrer SS and Doctor of Archeology von Seel”.

Himmler’s bunker was built in the village of Guiva.

Himmler’s bunker near Zhitomir

The Germans were mistaken. The castle in Guyve really was, but the Templar Interfluve is a different geographical object. The name Guiva is supposedly derived from the French name Hugo. Saint Hugo or San Hugo is the founder of the Order of Hugo de Payne revered by the Templars. The name Hugo in Slavic pronunciation took the form of Guiva. Sound [g] the Slavs often pronounce it as [v]. For example: “сегодня” they pronounce [севодня].

Hugo – Guvo – Guiva

The Templar interfluve is the interfluve of the Sluch and Korchik rivers, where the capital of the Templar Order was located – the city of Frankopol. The same area is called the Valley of the Immortal Templar.

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