Covenant-19 VS COVID-19

Since 2012, I have argued that 2019 will be an important and turning point for all of humanity. Since 2016, I have called on the Ukrainian people to renew the Covenant with God in 2019.

New Covenant – 2019

Christian Europe is a new Chosen People, a new Israel. Ukraine is New Judea. God gave a lot for the Ukrainian people for this people to succeed in the knowledge of God. From Ukraine, “New Covenant – 2019″ was supposed to spread throughout the world. After Ukraine, all humanity had to renew the Covenant with God.

The Ukrainian people and the whole world did not obey Me. People didn’t want to proclaim Covenant-2019. Therefore, God puts the world into the hands of Satan. Instead of Covenant-2019, the world received COVID-19. All nations will soon receive the coronavirus vaccine. Together with the vaccine, people will receive a microchip and the mark of the beast 666. The world did not want salvation from God in the form of Covenant-2019, and began to perish in the form of COVID-19.

If the world proclaimed Covenant-2019 in 2019, then God would protect humanity from COVID-19.

For Ukraine, a new Judea, God’s punishment for abandoning Covenant-2019 will be the elimination of the state of Ukraine. Similarly, two thousand years ago, God punished Judah. The people of Judah rejected Jesus, and for this they were punished by God. Roman soldiers destroyed Jerusalem and massacred the inhabitants of Judea. Those Jews who survived were deported to other countries.

In April 2020, in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, Christians around the world massively ignored the memory of Good Friday, the suffering and death of Jesus, and the main holiday of the whole world – the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The Covenant made about two thousand years ago between Jesus (God) and mankind was broken. In April 2020, this Covenant (Testament) became the Old Covenant (Old Testament). The era of Christianity began with the resurrection of Jesus and ended during the feast of the Resurrection of Jesus, when mankind ignored this feast.

The Ukrainian people and mankind did not want to renew the Covenant with God in 2019 and already in 2020 began preparations for the conclusion of a covenant between the beast and fallen humanity. Instead of Covenant-2019, fallen humanity will receive ID2020, which is a covenant with the beast.

Throughout the world, only a small number of Christians have remained faithful to God. Now humanity needs the conclusion of a New Covenant between God and humanity. Most likely, the New Covenant (New Testament) will be concluded in 2022.

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