Christianity is the New Israel



1. The oldest history of Israel and its repetition in Christianity.
2. The New Exodus.
3. The New Kings of Israel.
4. The new division of the kingdoms.
5. The new ten lost tribes.
6. New Babylonian captivity.
7. New Judaism.
8. The New Temple.
9. The death of the old world.
10. The New Son of David.



Christianity repeated the history of Israel at a new, high level. The result of the history of Ancient Israel was the Coming of Christ. Now the time has come for the Second Coming of Christ, at a new high level.

1. The oldest history of Israel and its repetition in Christianity.

The history of Israel began with the twelve patriarchs, the sons of Jacob-Israel. The twelve apostles correspond to them; these are the new twelve patriarchs.

The twelve sons of Israel gave rise to the twelve tribes of Israel. Similarly, the twelve apostles gave rise to Christianity, which is the new Israel. The twelve apostles preached the gospel to many nations in the vast Roman Empire. Under Emperor Constantine, the Roman Empire adopted Christianity and turned into a new large Israel. Later, the Roman Empire was divided into Eastern and Western. The Eastern Roman Empire is the new Judea.

The Western Roman Empire fell into ten parts. These ten countries adopted Christianity and became the new ten tribes of Israel. The Western Roman Empire corresponds to the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

Ancient Israel consisted of twelve tribes and occupied a small territory in Palestine. The Christian Roman Empire is a new level of God’s people.

The central place among the Israeli tribes was occupied by the tribe of Judah, Judea. The original new Judea was the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium. In Constantinople, a majestic church of St. Sophia was built. This temple is the new temple of Solomon. Sophia is God’s Wisdom, and Solomon is the wisest of kings.

Over time, Byzantium had an offshoot. Kievan Rus adopted Eastern Christianity from Byzantium. Byzantium gradually fell into decline, and God’s grace moved to Rus. Rus has become the new Judea. In the narrow sense, Rus is Ukraine, and in the broader sense, Ukraine, Russia (until it became the Third Rome) and Belarus.

Jerusalem was the capital of Ancient Israel and Ancient Judea. The second Jerusalem is Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, of new Judea.

2. The New Exodus.

The exodus of ancient Israel from Egyptian slavery occurred after 430 years. Rome fell in 476, when the last Roman emperor Romulus Augustulus was deposed. If we consider that the death of Majorian in 461 was the beginning of the fall of the Western Roman Empire, an amazing picture emerges.

461 – 430 = 31

31 is the probable year of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ founded the Christian church, whose members at the initial stage were mainly slaves and the lower classes of society. The Christian church has long been persecuted, it was a new Egyptian slavery. When Rome fell, the period of slavery ended.

3. The new kings of Israel.

The peak of the power and development of Ancient Israel was when the kings were David and his son Solomon. Similarly, the peak of power and development of Ancient Russia-Ukraine was under the princes Vladimir (Vladimir the Holy, Vladimir the Great, the Beautiful Sun, Vladimir the Baptist) and Yaroslav the Wise.

The life and reign of Prince Vladimir is a repetition of the life and reign of King David. In the life of these two rulers there are many similar events.

1. Both have a name that has the same meaning. The name David means “king of the whole world.” The name Vladimir means “who owns the world”, “power over the world”, “power over the whole world.”
2. David killed the husband of the woman of Bathsheba, with whom he entered into a relationship. Then David married her. Prince Vladimir killed his father and brother Rogneda, and also later married her.
3. King David was not the firstborn son who has primary rights to the throne. Prince Vladimir was not the first-born son who has primary rights to the throne.
4. King David was the king of Judea at the first stage. Here he reigned seven years and six months, or almost eight years. He was then king of all Israel for 33 years. Total, 40.5 years. Prince Vladimir was first prince in Novgorod for about 8 years. Then he was a prince of all Russia for a long time, about 37 years. Total, 45 years. The numbers 40.5 and 45 are similar.
5. King David fought a lot. Under him, Israel occupied a large territory. Prince Vladimir pursued an active foreign policy, made many military campaigns. Under him, Rus occupied a large territory.
6. Both had many wives and children.
7. David was the king whom God loved. The church honors Prince Vladimir as equally apostolic, in fact, as the prince whom God loved.

The life and reign of Prince Yaroslav the Wise is a repetition of the life and reign of King Solomon. In the life of these two rulers there are many similar events.

1. Solomon ruled immediately after David, and Yaroslav the Wise after Prince Vladimir.
2. Solomon was the son of Bathsheba. Yaroslav the Wise was the son of Rogneda. Both mothers had similar fates related to the killing of loved ones.
3. Solomon was not the firstborn son who has primary rights to the throne. Yaroslav the Wise was not the firstborn son who has priority rights to the throne.
4. Solomon is known as the wisest king of the world. The word “Wise” is part of the name of Yaroslav, who was also wise. He owned the legendary “Library of Yaroslav the Wise.”
5. Solomon built the Temple. Yaroslav the Wise built the Temple, which has long been considered the most important in the Christian world – Hagia Sophia in Kiev.
6. Hagia Sophia (of Yaroslav the Wise) is God’s Wisdom. It is also a parallel between Yaroslav the Wise and the wise king Solomon.
7. Solomon was the richest king. Under Yaroslav the Wise, Kiev became the richest city, a rival to Constantinople.
8. Solomon is the author of some books of the Bible. Yaroslav the Wise also wrote important books, published the Church Charter and Russian Truth – a set of laws of Old Russian law.

4. The new division of the kingdoms.

Immediately after the death of King Solomon, Israel divided into Judea and the Kingdom of Israel. Soon after the death of Yaroslav the Wise, a church division occurred. On February 20, 1054, Yaroslav the Wise died. Shortly after this, the church was divided into Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox. The Catholic Church is an analogue of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. The Eastern Orthodox Church is an analogue of the kingdom of Judea. The book of Revelation states that the Catholic Church is ruled by Jezebel, who was the queen in the kingdom of Israel.

18. And write to the Angel of the Church of Thyatira: thus says the Son of God, whose eyes are like a flame of fire, and his feet are like a halkolivan:
19. I know your deeds, and love, and ministry, and faith, and your patience, and that your last deeds are greater than the first.
20. But I have a little against you, because you let the wife of Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, teach and mislead My servants, fornicating is idolatrous.
21. I gave her time to repent of her fornication, but she did not repent.
22. Behold, I cast her on her bed and those who commit adultery with her in great tribulation, if they do not repent of their deeds,
23. And I will strike her children with death; and all churches will understand that I am the one who tests hearts and insides; and I will repay each of you according to your deeds …
(Revelation of John the Evangelist 2: 18-23)

New Jezebel is the Vatican.

… and her children will be hit by death … – God has already begun to massively hit with the death of the priests of the Catholic Church through the coronavirus.

5. The new ten lost tribes.

In 722 BC, the kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrian king Sargon II. Ten Israeli tribes were taken to Assyrian captivity and their further fate is unknown. This event in modern times corresponds to the Great French Revolution.

In northern Israel, kings ruled who were not descendants of King David. By the time of the French Revolution, monarchs ruled in France, who did not come from the Merovingian family, were not descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

Outright military occupation took place in northern Israel. In the Western world, as a result of the French Revolution, internal occupation took place. Everything happened much more subtly, elegantly, at a new high level. The Catholic Church and the dynasty of French kings were defeated, like the Ancient North Israeli Kingdom, and moved away from the rule of the world.

The worship of Baal caused the collapse of the Kingdom of Israel and the deportation of ten tribes of Israel. In modern times, ten tribes are the Christian denominations of America. The various Christian denominations of America, the Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mennonites, Amish, Pentecostals and others are the new ten lost tribes. Unlike the ten old lost tribes, they did not wait for Baal worship and other sins to bring disaster to society. Christians fled from Europe, where they were oppressed and persecuted. New Jezebel, the papacy compelled the people to worship Baal. New ten tribes fled from it to America.

6. New Babylonian captivity.

After the suppression of the clan of the kings of Judea, the descendants of David, the Babylonian captivity began, which lasted almost 70 years. After the Babylonian captivity, Judea was ruled by the high priests and kings, who were not from the family of David.

The time of the USSR (1917 – 1991) is a Babylonian captivity in Russia. New Babylon also existed for about 70 years.

The time of the kings is not of the kind of king David – this is the time of the reign of the Romanov dynasty (1613 – 1918). In 1914, the First World War began, during which the Romanovs were overthrown.

At a new level, the time of the Babylonian captivity and the time of the kings are not from the family of David, exchanged places. First there was the 300-year rule of the Romanovs, and then the Babylonian captivity of the Soviet era. What happened was not outright military aggression (although this was also), but a revolution, an internal occupation. As in the case of the French Revolution, on a new level, everything happened much more subtly and elegantly.

The time difference between the elimination of kingdoms.

The difference between the liquidation of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (722 BC) and the liquidation of the Kingdom of Judea (597 BC) is 125 years.

The difference between the Great French Revolution (1789) and the Revolution in Russia (1917) is 128 years.

125 years and 128 years are very close numbers.

There is probably a mistake in dating the liquidation of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. If we assume that the correct date is 725 BC, the difference will be 128 years.

7. New Judaism.

During and immediately after the Babylonian captivity, Judaism, Sadducees and Pharisees appeared.

The Sadducees represented the power of priestly privileges and prerogatives established since the time of Solomon, when Zadok, their ancestor, was the high priest. The new Sadducees are the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church. The priests of the Russian Orthodox Church are proud of their succession from the apostles, just as the Sadducees derived their origin from Zadok. The Russian Orthodox Church is a very rich and influential church. Similarly, the Sadducees were very rich and influential. The Sadducees denied the resurrection from the dead. The Russian Orthodox Church also rejects the resurrection from the dead, calling it “heresy of chiliasm.”

The new Pharisees are pastors of Protestant churches. If the ancient Sadducees linked their service to God with the temple, and the new Sadducees associated with Orthodox churches, then the Pharisees associated their service with houses of worship. The new Pharisaism was actually founded by the apostle Paul, who himself was a Pharisee.

8. The New Temple

In the era of ancient Israel, there was a temple built by King Solomon. The temple was destroyed by the Babylonian king, and then rebuilt.

In the era of Christianity, New Israel, the cathedral was Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. After a while, Byzantium fell and Russia-Ukraine became New Judea. In Kiev, a new Hagia Sophia was built, which became the new temple of Solomon.

After some time, Kiev lost its statehood, and Moscow was elevated. Here was built the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the main temple of the Christian world. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is the temple of Solomon in the modern world. In 1931, in the era of the USSR, the new Babylon, the temple was destroyed. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior began to be erected after the fall of the new Babylon, and it was rebuilt in 1999. There is a prophecy in the Bible that the Antichrist will sit in the temple.

3. Let no one deceive you in any way: for that day will not come until the apostasy comes first and the man of sin, the son of perdition, is revealed
4. He who is opposed and exalted above all that is called God or a sanctuary, so that in the temple of God he will sit as God, posing as God.
(II Thessalonians 2: 3,4)

Many mistakenly believe that it tells about the temple of Solomon, which supposedly will be rebuilt in Palestine. In fact, here we are talking about the new temple of Solomon, which is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. It is in this temple that the Antichrist will sit.

9. The death of the old world.

The Roman Empire has fallen. Even earlier, Jews rejected Jesus Christ and their state was destroyed by the Romans. After the death of a strictly world, the era of Christianity came. After some time, a rollback occurred and Christianity lost its influence in the world.

Now comes the era of Christianity at a new level. Soon, the Antichrist will destroy almost all states and create a single world state. After this, Christ will destroy the Antichrist and his state. The state of Christ will be the strongest in the world. The millennium era will begin. Just as the Romans destroyed Judea, the Jewish state, soon the Third Rome (Moscow) will destroy the new Judea (Ukraine).

The death of Judea occurred during the two Judean Wars and the Bar Kochba rebellion. The situation in Judea at this time is very similar to the current situation in Ukraine.

1. Moscow is the Third Rome, and Kiev is the Second Jerusalem.
2. Russia has one of the strongest armies in the world and possesses nuclear weapons. The Ukrainian army is destroyed and does not have nuclear weapons. The ratio of the troops of Ancient Rome to the troops of Ancient Judea is approximately the same as the modern army of Russia against the army of Ukraine.
3. The driving forces of the Jewish wars against the Romans were the Zealots, the Jewish Nazis of that time. The driving force of the Ukrainian resistance against Russia are the Nazis of Ukraine.
4. The Zealot party established a terrorist administration in Judea. Similarly, Poroshenko’s power was terrorist.
5. Bar Kokhba proclaimed himself the Jewish messiah. Similarly, Poroshenko actually claims to be the Ukrainian messiah: Украинцы создают новый народ
6. The Romans burned and destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish state of that time. At that time, a huge number of Jews died from hunger, sword and fire. Moscow, the Third Rome, will not destroy Kiev, but it will burn the cities of new Zealots, Ukrainian Nazis – Lviv and Ternopol. For this, Moscow will use nuclear weapons.

Jews have already forgotten the horrors that the Romans caused them. But the memory of those terrible events is recorded at their genetic level. It is good for Jews to live in Ukraine, but they see that Ukraine is moving towards destruction from the Third Rome. On a subconscious level, they feel that a repetition of events of two thousand years ago is happening. They do not want to relive those tragic events again and want to ward off the catastrophe from Ukraine. For this, the Jews brought Zelensky to power and overthrew the Nazis in the person of Poroshenko. Jews briefly suspended the catastrophe of Ukraine, but did not cancel it.

The cause of the disaster of the Jewish people two thousand years ago was the fact that they rejected the Son of David, Jesus Christ. The catastrophe of the modern Ukrainian state will be caused by the fact that they rejected the new Son of David.

10. The New Son of David

The dates of the death of King David and the birth of his Son Jesus Christ, as well as the date of death of the new David, Prince Vladimir and the date of birth of the new Son of David on August 1, 1977, are interconnected through a numerical sequence 369.

King David is a symbol of the rapid development of the people of God. The son of David symbolizes the restoration of development, and this will already be development at a new high level. Jesus Christ was the son of David. He brought humanity spiritual development at a new high level.

Scientists have yet to figure out the exact dates of the reign of King David and the Birth of Jesus Christ. According to various chronologies, the dates of the reign of King David:

1012–972 BC

Erlikhman V.V. I. The Ancient East and Antiquity. // Rulers of the world. – Moscow, 2002 .– T. 1.

1010–970 BC

David // Big Russian Encyclopedia: [in 35 vols.] / Ch. ed. Yu.S. Osipov. – M.: Great Russian Encyclopedia, 2004—2017.

1004–965 BC

David – an article from the Electronic Jewish Encyclopedia

The exact year of the birth of Jesus Christ is also unknown. The most common versions are that Jesus Christ was born between 7 years and 4 years BC.

Jesus Christ was born after 962 years, when it was already the 963rd year after the death of King David. The sequence number 963 or 369 is very unusual and demonstrates tremendous development prospects.

“If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, then you would have the key to the universe,” said Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla calculated the nodal points of our planet, and they were connected with the numbers three, six and nine. Tesla argued that these numbers are of great importance to everyone. There are patterns in the Universe that naturally manifest themselves in biological life, magnetism, electricity, galaxies, star formations, and natural systems. Some of these models are the Golden Ratio and Sacred Geometry. Mathematics is God’s Imprint.

Dmitry Ivanovich Mendelev, Alexander Stepanovich Popov, Nikola Tesla, Marco Rodin made a huge contribution to the study of ether, torsion fields, vortex mathematics (Vortex Based Mathematics). They demonstrated the actions of the Holy Spirit in mathematics, physics, biology, etc. Vortex mathematics is the key to zero point energy.

The core of the vortex is Spirit itself. The spirit is responsible for the curvature of the spatio-temporal reality of the universe. Thanks to these studies, soon humanity will gain access to an endless source of free energy. Millennium – this will be the era of the Holy Spirit. Soon the diseases will stop and all people will be fed. The Spirit will guide and bless humanity.

About vortex math information here:

Marko Rodin

Numbers 3, 6, 9 demonstrate the trinity of all phenomena and processes in the universe. Moreover, the triple is characteristic not only of the physical world, but also of spiritual, social development. The Vatican teaches that in the universe there is a war between God and Satan, two are participating. In fact, this struggle is threefold. Three sides compete among themselves: God, Baal (great evil) and Satan (small evil). And in this struggle God conquers, or rather the Son of God.

The new king David is Prince Vladimir, died July 15, 1015. July 15, 1977 passed 962 years since the death of New David (Prince Vladimir). On August 1, 1977, when the new Son of David was born, it was already the 963rd year since the death of the new King David. The number 963, which relates the date of death of the new David (Prince Vladimir) and the new Son of David, demonstrates that the new Son of David has a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Soon, the New Son of David will provide a powerful new development for God’s people.


The history of ancient Israel lasted about two thousand years, from Abraham to Jesus Christ. The history of Christianity has also been going on for two thousand years. In the middle of the history of ancient Israel, around 1000 BC was the reign of king David. In the middle of the history of Christianity, about 1000 after R.H. was the reign of the new David – Prince Vladimir. Two thousand years have passed, and the time has come for the new Christ.

In 1914, Jesus Christ became the new God, He received the throne:

And I heard, as it were, the voice of a large nation, like the sound of many waters, like the voice of powerful thunders, saying: hallelujah! for the Lord God Almighty reigned.
(Revelation of John the Evangelist 19: 6)

In 1977, His beloved Son was born, a descendant of the Merovingian dynasty, and Jesus became the new God the Father.


Migration of peoples.

Ancient empires, Assyrian, Babylonian and others, often practiced the migration of entire peoples. After the conquest of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the Assyrian monarchs resettled ten Israeli tribes to other lands. At the same time, the Assyrian monarchs resettled other peoples to the territory of Northern Israel.

After the resettlement of many Christian Europeans to America, Merkel and other European rulers resettled huge numbers of migrants from Asia and Africa to Europe.

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