The struggle of the Templars against the Tatars

From Prince Yuri Lvovich, the Templars received Eastern Volynia, lands east of the Goryn River to the Golden Horde. At that time, 67 years passed after the destruction of Kiev by the Mongol-Tatars in 1240, Rus was in a state of decline. The Templars created a powerful state in the state. Their state was part of the Galicia-Volyn principality. The Templars, with the help of King Yuri Lvovich, conquered part of the local princes and took away their castles or made them their vassals. They also built many new castles for defense against the Tatars.

The approximate territory of State of the Templars in Rus

Castles of the Templars in Rus:

Frankopol, the capital city
Gubkovsky castle
Minsk (?)
Zvyagel (Novograd-Volynsky)
Putivl (?)
Korsun (Korsun-Shevchenkovsky)
Khotyn Fortress
Belgorod-Dniester fortress (Mon Castro, Akkerman fortress)
Olesky castle
Kremenets castle
Kanevsky castle

Belgorod-Dniester fortress

The fortress was founded in the 13th century by the Golden Horde Khan Berke and was named Ak-Libo. After 1307, the Templars conquered this fortress and were its masters for about 20 to 30 years. After them, the Genoese received the right from the Tatars to use the fortress as a fortified shopping center.

The names Akkerman and Mon Castro come from the single name given to the Templars by the Acre Mon Castro (Acre my castle).

Acre, St. Jean d’Acre – a city in the Western Galilee (Palestine), located about 23 km north of the city of Haifa, on the Mediterranean coast. In 1104, after the First Crusade, the city of Acre was conquered by Baldwin I. In 1187, Saladin took the city almost without a fight. In 1191, during the 3rd Crusade, after a two-year siege, Acre was recaptured by the crusader troops under the command of the French King Philip Augustus and the English King Richard the Lionheart.

The city of Acre became the capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem of the Crusaders in Palestine and was surrounded by powerful defenses. The Knights’ Orders of the Hospitallers, Templars, and later the Teutonic Order had their own quarters here. In 1291, Acra fell after an assault by the Mamluk troops led by Sultan al-Ashraf Khalil. The Mamluks destroyed Acre and slaughtered most of its Christian and Jewish populations.

Castro (Castro) – the name of a number of cities that arose on the site of the fortified ancient Roman camps or urban areas. The word “Castro” is close to the English word “Castle” (castle), the sounds [r] – [l] are often used interchangeably. Castro (city) = Castle. Mon is the French “mon” (mine). Moncastro is “my city” or “my castle”.

If you reconstruct the events, then they occurred as follows. The Templar or the Templars, who was one of the leaders in Acre, after her fall in 1291, left for Paris. After 1307, he / they came to Eastern Europe, conquered a fortress on the rocky bank of the Dniester estuary and, in memory of Acre, gave her the name “Acre my castle”. Ackerman – Mon Castro is the new chivalrous Acre.

The fight of the Templars against the Tatars was successful. This is evidenced by a letter from the Polish king Vladislav I Loketka to the pope, in which he calls the kings of the Galicia-Volyn principality brothers Andrei and Leo II Yuryevich “the last Russian princes, schismatics, who were an unbreakable shield against the cruel Tatar people.”

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