Templars and the origin of the Cossacks

Cossacks appeared when the last Templars died, on the border of the Galicia-Volyn principality and the Wild Field, where the Templars built many castles to fight the Tatars. The Cossacks took over fighting positions with the Knights Templar and continued the war against the Tatars.

There were no women in the Zaporozhye Sich. This is because the first Cossacks considered themselves a descendant of the traditions of the Knights Templar. Since the knights did not accept women in the knightly orders, the Cossacks did not accept women in their organization.

Cossacks often called themselves “Cossack chivalry”. This name also indicates that the Cossacks inherited knightly traditions from the Knights Templar.

Templars and Ukrainian symbols

The Templars gave Ukraine symbolism.

The Cossack cross is shaped like the cross of the Knights Templar.

Ukrainian Cossacks inherited the shape of Cross of the Knights Templar.

Cossack crosses

The Cossacks flag is red. Cossacks depicted a white cross on a red background. The Cossacks ‘flag is the reverse of the Templars’ emblem. The Templars depicted a red cross on a white background.

Flag of Ukraine

The current flag of Ukraine was borrowed from the Templars. Jacques de Molay is the last Grand Master of the Templar Order. On his coat of arms there is a combination of yellow and blue.

Flag of Ukraine

Coat of arms of Jacques de Molay

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