The pope is leaving

In the «Annuario Pontificio» 2020, after the name Francis, only the title “Bishop of Rome” is indicated. And on the next page are his biographical data. Below in small print is a complete list of his titles with a remark “historical titles” (Italian: “titolo storico”):

Vicar of Jesus Christ,

Successor to the Prince of the Apostles

Supreme Pontiff of the Ecumenical Church,

Primate of Italy,

Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province,

sovereign state of the Vatican City,

slave of God’s slaves

Pope Francis retains only the title of “Bishop of Rome”, and all other titles are indicated in the yearbook only in the form of historical information.

Pages with papal titles from the 2019 and 2020 yearbooks.

The original meaning of the word “vicar” is the earthly representative of Jesus Christ. The Pope knows that there is already God’s Chosen One on earth. God’s Chosen One is the Vicar of Jesus Christ. He knows that God’s Chosen One is the Son of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene had a daughter, Sarah. The Merovingians, France’s first royal dynasty, descended from it. God’s Chosen One is a descendant of the Merovingians, and a descendant [Son] of the of Jesus Christ.

The Pope knows that the popes committed a great sin against Jesus Christ and His descendants when they participated in the removal from power of the Merovingians, and that soon the punishment for this great sin will come. The Pope does not want to be responsible for the great sins of the previous popes.


The pope is no longer in the Vatican, he may have died. The hologram replaces the pope:

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