Second appeal to US President Donald Trump

Dear President.

The world has begun an economic collapse. Soon, many countries will declare bankruptcy. In many countries, riots and civil wars will begin.

The US needs monetary reform. If the USA does not carry out monetary reform, then hyperinflation will begin in the USA, the dollar will depreciate. See what happened in Zimbabwe as a result of hyperinflation.

Depreciation of the dollar will lead to economic collapse in the United States. This, in turn, will lead to riots. The Democratic Party will blame you and your people for all the troubles of the United States.

I can carry out a monetary reform for you and your country. I found the treasury of the Knights Templar, this is a huge amount of gold coins and precious stones.

The Templars bring gifts to the New King

It is necessary to withdraw the current US dollar and the Canadian dollar from circulation and introduce a new dollar into circulation, which will be common for the US and Canada. You also need to put into circulation a gold coin. People will be able to exchange paper notes for gold coins.

Monetary reform in the United States will greatly strengthen the global economic collapse. The global economy will sink to the very bottom of hell. But this is the only chance to save the US and Canada economies.

The world must hear the truth. The global economic collapse and the liquidation of the current dollar are to blame for the Federal Reserve Sysiema and Wall Street. All claims should be sent to the Fed and Wall Street.

It is necessary to remove the Fed from any influence on the US economy, it is necessary to ban the Fed from any contacts with US government agencies. It is necessary to conduct an audit of the Fed, transfer the materials to the court. After the verdicts of the court, all those responsible for economic crimes must be sent to Guantanamo Prison.

Now is the time when the United States is doomed to go bankrupt. But in the USA there is a large number of God’s people (Christians, Chabad must join them), therefore God will support the USA and not allow bankruptcy. God wants the New Exodus of God’s people to happen. Until this happens, God will maintain US economic stability. In the United States, God will hit the states that support the Democratic Party with different punishments.

Let My people go

Богдан Георгійович Лисиця (Bogdan Georgievich Lisitsa)

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