The meeting of Christ and the Church

The parable of the ten virgins tells how the Church meets God’s Chosen One. The five wise virgins are Christians in the USA and Canada, and the five foolish virgins are Christians in the rest of the world. At ten virgins it is the denomination of Christianity, for many centuries there has been a separation. In a sense, the five wise virgins are Baptists, Mennonites, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Amish, Adventists, and others. After the renewal of the New Testament, Christian denominations will again unite in a single Church.

The Bible says that the Lord will come to the Church at midnight:

6. And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.
(Matthew 25:6)

Doomsday Clock — The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (University of Chicago), launched in 1947 by the creators of the first American atomic bomb. Scientists publish on the cover of the journal an image of a clock, with an hour and a minute hand, showing midnight without a few minutes. The time left until midnight symbolizes the tension in the international situation and the likelihood of a nuclear war. Midnight symbolizes the moment of a nuclear cataclysm. The decision to transfer the shooter is made by the board of directors of the magazine. Their consultants are experts, among which there are 18 Nobel Prize winners.

When midnight arrives, the Chosen One will arrive in the USA:

…and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
(Revelation 12:5)

The USA, as the most powerful state in the world, is a semblance of the Kingdom of God. The chair of the President of the United States, as the most powerful person in the world, is a semblance of the throne of God. After Donald Trump came to power in 2017, the United States turned into a mountain of God.

God’s Chosen One will quickly grow. The fourteenth blessing from Amida, the main prayer in Judaism: the Messiah is the son of David (Mashiach ben-David):

The son of David thy servant, let him grow soon, and his horn be exalted by thy help. For we trust in your help every day. Blessed are you, Lord, erecting the horn of salvation.

God’s Chosen One is expected to arrive in the United States at the beginning of the “last seven years” of the prophet Daniel and will preach about the need to restore the Covenant. In the middle of the “last seven years” that the prophet Daniel spoke of, the Covenant will be restored during the wedding of Christ and the Church.

In 2020, the doomsday hands show the position closest to midnight. The meeting of God’s Chosen One and the five wise virgins will happen very soon.

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