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Crown for Cain

Cain is one of the first people, the great patriarch, who gave rise to many nations. Evil people slandered Cain, accused him of the sin of fratricide and trampled on his good name. Now is the time to tell the … Продовження

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Merovingians: Names

The Merovingians are the first royal dynasty of France. The Merovingians descended from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene

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The prophecy of the last Qatar Guillaume Belibast about 2021 – 2022

“In seven centuries the laurel will bloom again. Good people will return to earth. And then good will triumph over evil

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President Trump’s second term and the appearance of the Messiah

Prediction from the book of the prophet Daniel

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I announce a competition for knowledge of the history of Freemasonry

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Ukraine accepts Barabbas

Ukraine salutes Barabbas and

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